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Dog Bone Soap Lift

Dog Bone Soap Lift


Soap Lifts are made in the U.S.A of a durable, recyclable, multi-directional corn based bioplastic.

  • Let it Breathe

    Cold Process Soap needs to breathe. Soap Lift is made of a durable, recyclable, multi-directional bioplastic that allows water to drain and air to circulate. They can be used in soap dishes, on shower shelves, or on countertops. Soap Lift prevents soap from absorbing excess water, allowing your soap to last longer. Cleans remarkably well by simply holding it under running water and giving it a few squeezes. Approx. size: 2.75″ x 4.25″. 

    Your computer monitor image color may differ from the actual Soap Lift color.

    Soap dish and soap sold separately. 

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Brightly colored soap with soap lift on a wooden background.

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